About Us

Hemp fibre is one of mankind's oldest friends. Sadly neglected in recent years, we at Hempish feel that it is high time for a Hemp come-back. As a discerning consumer you will welcome the opportunity to use Hemp products that are genuinely kind to your environment, kind to your skin and kind to your pocket.

The hemp plant is farmed by natural eco-friendly methods and is claimed to be one of the most eco-beneficial crops grown. Hemp reaches maturity in only 90 days and can then be harvested to be transformed into over 25,000 different Hemp products because Hemp is one of the worlds most versatile plants.
In the 21st Century, we have finally realised that the future of our world depends on our respect for the environment. Some of the responsibility for that future rests with each and every one of us. Hempish is committed to sourcing the best Hemp and most varied hemp products from around the world, bringing to you the advantages of responsible purchase both for the planet and for your own enjoyment.

Hempish is a young and vibrant company formed as the culmination of a long-cherished dream to work with nature using Hemp rather than against her, yet provide a sustainable product that can hold its own in an ever competitive marketplace.
Welcome to our dream. We hope you will share the pride and pleasure we have in the Hemp products that we are offering. Enjoy!

News. We at Hempish are pleased to announce that our Vegan Hemp Body lotions and Vegan Hemp soaps are now available, containing all pure products.
STOP PRESS: we are now incorporating BAMBOO another Eco friendly fabric into our clothing range.
We at Hempish want to offer quality and pure products. Organic benefits the enviroment, Organic is healthier on the skin, Farmers are safer as they are not exposed to hazardous pesticides and insecticides.