About Hemp

Imagine a crop more versatile then the soy bean, the cotton plant and the Douglas Fir tree put together, one whose products are interchangeable with those from Timber or petroleum one that grows like Jack’s beanstalk with minimal tending.

No member of the plant kingdom has been more misunderstood and maligned than hemp, a plant that has served millions of people for thousands of years, and is perhaps mans most useful.
Hemp forms the basis of many products- it has about 30,000 known applications from linen to paper to rope to building materials, bodycare and food.

One of Hemps greatest attributes is its hardiness. It will grow literally anywhere with minimal supervision and without the use of pesticides or herbicides, leaving the fields virtually weed free for the next crop.
Hemp is also a phytoremedial plant and is used to repair contaminated soils by bonding heavy metals to the fibre and captures large amounts of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere.

But when we think of “Hemp” most people think of cloth, ropes, paper and the like. Although hemp fibre has been used for millennia for those things, what most people don’t know is that hempseed has also been used just as long for food.

Shelled hempseed is perhaps the most nutritious plant food on earth and even that might be an understatement? It has almost as much protein as soybean, but the protein is more digestible and of higher quality. The main reason for its digestibility is its high ratio(65% of total protein) of Edistin. Edistin is a sturdy protein that is pure and highly stable. Hemp is so complete and nutritious that in studies done in the early 1900s demonstrated that it could serve as the sole source of protein in the diet of animals. Hemp also contains the highest profile of Minerals, Vitamins and Trace elements of any edible seed.
Unlike soybean, hempseed is free of trypsin inhibitors(which impair protein absorption) and it lacks oligosaccharides found in soy, which can cause gas and stomach upsets.
Hemp Seeds can be eaten, soaked or ground and quickly made into a range of highly nutritious, drinks and snacks.
You are only limited by your own imagination.

Contemporary research has revealed hemp seed oil as being the most balanced source of essential fatty acids on Earth. We have learned how these fatty acids are essential for the formation of every cell membrane in the body and how these fatty acids promote the substances essential to optimum health.
Hemp oil is the only natural food source that provides the complete range of EFA’s in the correct ratio for long term human nutrition.
The superficial indicators of fatty acid deficiency are extremely prevalent in our culture. Turn on your television and see all of the advertisements to correct dandruff, dry skin, combination skin, unmanageable hair or fingernails. Millions of pounds are being poured onto the hair, skin and nails in the form of various cosmetics, which will only cover up the symptoms of a deeper seated problem. This problem-deficiency of essential fatty acids calls for simple approach, that is -Use Hemp Oil.

Lotions and Soaps containing
Hempseed Oil, applied to the skin, helps relieve itching and speeds the healing of the skin, in clinical studies it has been found to demonstrate improvement in eczema,.
Dry skin conditions and the metabolic slowdown that occurs in aging are helped by the use of EFA’s internally as well as externally.
Hempseed is a rejuvenative, helping to provide beneficial oils to keep the skin smooth and velvety with less wrinkling.
Hemp is a natural anti-inflammatory – soothes and reduces inflammation. Is a demulcent – soothes irritated tissues. Is an emollient – to soothe soften and protect the skin

Wear what the World can afford
Hemp fabric is eco-friendly is 3 times the tensile strength of cotton has natural insulating properties allowing you to stay cool in summer, warm in winter, Repels up to 95% of harmful UV rays, is hypoallergenic and non irritating to your skin.
It has a luxurious feel as it is very soft and comfortable.
Hemps appeal for the fashion industry is twofold. First and foremost are the fibres intrinsic qualities: stronger than cotton, warmer tahn linen, more absorbent than nylon. But in addition Hemp is environmentally friendly

Hemps long strong fibres produce high quality papers, Bank notes and Bibles are examples of Hemp Paper.

Hemp fibre
is longer, stronger, more absorbent and more insulative than cotton fiber.
Bast Fibre – used in textiles
Tow fibres – used in industrial applications
Hurds – used for stable bedding, mulch, cat litter and also make a strong long-lasting cement that is waterproof, soundproof and has excellent insulating properties.

The Bark of the Hemp Stalk contains bast fibers which are among the Earths longest natural soft fibers and are also rich in cellulose; the cellulose and hemi-cellulose in its inner woody cores are called hurds
Hemp stalk contains no THC.

Hemp bags and luggage is stylish, extremely strong and washable.

Hemp is Rope
Hemp is Hope
Hemp is not Dope