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THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK.      Everything is as you see it.  See it Perfect.                                             

Thought of past weeks:

>Toxins are created by fears, worries and boredom.                                                     >Things will change when the Power of Love takes over the Love of Power.  (Jimmy Hendrix)                                                                                                                                          >What happens on our planet, mirrors whats happening in ourselves.                                     >Work hard, Play often and live in Love.                                                                                             Now is the time to Live..... or it will never happen.                                                              >He who is silent, when he ought to have spoken and was able to, is taken to agree. (Maxim of Law)                                                                                                                                          >Being upset about what you don't have stops you enjoying what you have.                   >The two most important things to take care of are our body and our planet.                   >Humans are so disconnected from reality that they need studies to prove that eating rew fruits and vegetables is healthy.                                                                                                   >There are no failures, just experiences and your reactions to them (Tom Krause)        >Life presents a never ending series of opportunities to perform acts of caring.            Don't miss even one. (Stuart & Linda Macfarlane).                                                              >How one lives is, after all, one of the rights left to the indivivual - when and if one has the opportunity to choose. (Alice Walker)                                                                                    >You must be the change you wish to see in the World. (Gandhi)

In 1999 Mike started researching into Hemp and Cannabis after making a visit to a health food show in London where three companies were promoting Hemp.

The history of hemp is fascinating and it's uses are in the thousands - from clothes to medical, bio fuel to food. 

So in June 2003 Hempish was born selling and promoting Hemp with all its features and  benefits.

We buy our stocks from manufactures that are ethical and fair trade. I like to know exactly where are products are made even to the point of where the Hemp was grown.

In the past few years peoples knowledge of Hemp has grown in particular medical hemp (CBD).

Both Gail & I are hear to help you and guide you, so even if we do not have the product on our web site we generally know where to find the item your looking for.

So if your wanting to build a Hemp House, get bedding for you and your horses or you just looking for information about the history of Hemp please do call us or email.

On our web site are pages of information for you to down load and print off. 

The picture Gallery called 'The Hemporium' showing you with your favourite Hemp item, Old and New. . Email your images to sales@hempish.com Join in the fun.  


Hemp Is The Longest, Strongest And Most Durable Natural Fibre Known To Mankind. Until 1883 Hemp Was Our Planets Largest Agricultural Crop And Most Important Industry.

Hemp Is Drought Resistant, Needs No Herbicides Or Pesticides And Produces Nearly 4 Times As Much Raw Fibres As An Equivalent Sized Tree Plantation.

Hemp Fibrous Stalks Are Made Into Clothes And Textiles, Twine And Rope, Paper And Linoleum, Builds Houses, Cars, Provides Fuel And Animal Bedding.


Gail & Mike Dunsbee
June 2020